Friday, September 14, 2012

ROF: 5 Fact Friday

Reflections of You
I'm enjoying our 5 Fact Friday. It's fun to think of things about yourself that people might actually like to know - or just perhaps to remind yourself of things that bring joy to our life. Today was glorious, warm, early Autumn day in my neck of the woods. The sun twinkled from behind the trees that were just ever so slightly beginning to show some Fall colors. The nights have already been nippy in the low 40's. I just had to stop along the drive home and sit a moment to appreciate the warmth, the sun and the trees - and what an amazing place I get to live in.

Fact 1.     
I used to be a sky diver and still believe that is the best legal high one can ever experience.

Fact 2.    
I have preferred the same color palette (the warm side) for most all of life.

Fact 3.    
At 42 I left the career that I built and the the decent income and excellent benefits that I had to move to a genteel, beautiful, rural, island on the opposite end of the country. I had to re-invent myself from
the ground up. I am far less financially well off but much happier living in the pplace of great natural beauty than I was living in a big city working in a high stress job that was lucrative. It was a scary leap of faith!
Fact 4.   
I am thoroughly besotted by felines although we now have only one - down from a high of nine which almost sent me to the looney bin! We also had a Samoyed during that time! I am an avian loveras well - as long as they remain protected from my cat - who lives inside!

Fact 5.     
I believe that if everyone did indeed treat their neighbors as they would themselves the world really
would be a better place!

Happy weekend to all!


  1. Awesome facts! Especially 5. ;)

  2. Great photo. And Yikes you subscribe to a lot of blogs.

  3. Enjoyed your 5 facts! How brave you were to leave your job!


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