Sunday, September 23, 2012

Kat Sloma's Exploring With A Camera: Allowing Space

This is the Cattle Point Lighthouse as seen from American Camp on San Juan Island Washington.

Kat Sloma's "Exploring With A Camera" theme this month is 'Allowing For Space'. It's an important thing to remember and is all too easy to overlook at times. As with any art work, the eye needs a place to rest when looking at an image. Too much color and information can be as 'off-putting' as too little in the composition of an image that is pleasing to the eye. 

I have to admit to being layer addicted but there are times when color and simplicity can really make an image powerful. I chose this image that is not as simple as I had originally planned, because it has two contrasting colors and both areas offer a lot of space within their nearly diagonal spaces. I liked the sinuous curve that the road  line added to the image as well. Not quite as much space as I could have gone for - but fits the theme none-the-less I hope. Thanks Kat for another fabulous reminder and lesson!

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  1. I like the composition and subtle colour. We are made more aware of the beautiful texture of the grass. I must admit that lately I have begun to use too much colour . Very nice.


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