Monday, September 17, 2012

Macro Monday : Daisy's Heart

I can't explain why I've been drawn , very strongly, back into the world of imagery. When I left photography school - completed on the cusp of the digital age - I was sure I would be a nature photographer. Life intervened and I became a worker bee, textile and mixed media artist but I always kept taking images - I just never did anything with them. For the past couple of years I have heard the siren song of the lens calling and have been re-acquainting myself with the joy of imagery. Thoughts without words I call them.

I like to take images of everyday objects - scenes that I stop and photograph my way to and from work, along the roadway, in the parking lot - that sort of thing. You see, I am blessed to live in one's of God's most glorious little places. A small, genteel, rural island - closer to British Columbia than to mainland USA - so I have a lot of beautiful things to look it.

This morning I was thinking that it would be nice to have a Monday theme - since I am off on Mondays for the moment and then, lo and behold, I received a nice comment on my blog from Ida at Wishes, Dreams & Other Things and right there, on her sidebar, was a link to Macro Monday. My wish was answered - and so quickly too!

Macro Monday's


  1. Well thank you for the "Shout Out" and your shot of this Daisy is lovely. So glad you joined in on Macro Monday.

  2. Aren't the centers of flowers beautiful? And some are so intricate looking - like this one. I've found the blogs have been a real blessing in getting me back into photography - it's really great sharing with others! Welcome!

  3. Beautiful. Love the pattern in the centre and the way the petals look almost like soft fabric.


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