Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Kat Sloma's PhotoHeart Connection - June

This photo, done for Kat Sloma's Connection for June, depicts my inner questions about what to focus on- do I, indeed, need to narrow my interests in order to focus on fewer things?  It's also a reminder that it's what's right in front of eyes or under feet that that I need to be aware of. I must be in the moment and not wondering about the future or musing about the past.


  1. hi Marie :) I'm Ana from Behind the Scenes. love your work. I'm thrilled to be your first follower! yay! I read your doubts and connect. I've learned not to think too much but I understand your need for answers. your art is a beautiful journey. happy Monday :) xxo

  2. Marie!! guess what I've just received in my mailbox? your postcard from Liberate Your Art!! the world is so small! I'm so excited :) what a photo-heart connection indeed. it's a beautiful red tulip with the word Dream and a lovely quote. the Universe is saying something my friend ;)


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